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About Our Honda XR250, XR250 Baja Dirt Bikes

It really is a confidence inspiring bike to ride. It’s easy to get seen by car drivers because of its height and bright single (XR), it also makes for excellent visibility. It goes round corners better than most of the bikes available in Vietnam – faster, leaner angle and really easy to flick side to side.

Made in between 1996-2005, Honda XR250 and XR Baja 4-stroke, 250cc is the best dirt bike for Vietnamese off-road riding where power is what you need to get over dirt roads. However, this bike is only ideal for riders from 1.85m and experienced bikers who can handle bike repairs.

The original Honda XR250 Baja came with twins headlights. However, this model has a week supporting frame for the lights. In addition, many customers complained that the light didn’t go where they turned and suggested a single headlight. We now use single headlight for this model as you can see in the photos below. Note that XR250 and XR250 Baja use the identical engine, XR250 is the newer model.


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