12 Days Laos Northern Offroad Motorcycle Tour
12 Days Laos Northern Offroad Motorcycle Tour

12 Days Laos Northern Offroad Motorcycle Tour

Laos Northern Offroad Motorcycle Tour - 12 Days will take you across the strengths of northern Laos. Cottages and guest houses are generally very comfortable with modern amenities (private bathroom, hot water). Breathtaking sceneries of the flora and fauna and interact with the different tribes of Northern Laos such as the Hmong, ThaiLu, Khmu, .. This trip in motorbike in Top North Laos is a combination of the famous Nongkiaw riding to the Chinese border to visit Luang Namtha.

DAY 1: Luang Prabang Motorbike Tours to Xieng Muark – Off-road 70% – approx. 150 kms (L, D)

Topic: Off-road riding along the Mekong River, great single track,Night: Hillside Resort. Relaxing wooden bungalows overnight with swimming pool to enjoy the first night

Description:  This first day will begin with a thirty kilometers of good road, leaving the time all drivers to take over the bike. We will engage in a wide path dotted with remote villages and following the majestic Mekong River. A mid way we will stop to try the popular “Feur” noodle soup as lunch. The afternoon will be a mixture of good road and easy  mountain roads before arriving at our destination is a nice little resort lost in a wild and beautiful,valley. The blue pool will be available for a bath in the evening.

DAY 2: Xieng Muark Motorbike Tours to Nongkiaw – Off-road 70% – approx.180 kms (B,L, D)

Topic: Off-road riding to remote villages – Hmong’s trail experience,Night: Mekong Sunset Guest House. Local bungalow on the Nam Ou River

Description:  The second day requires a good physical condition, but in exchange for a fabulous day following a long way in the middle of mountains. Looking forward meets two different hilltribe, Khamu and Hmong people. The Khamu live in mid-mountain while the Hmong live in isolated mountain really far from the world that we know. The entire day will,be almost 200 km of which 140 km are to slalom between mid-mountain and high mountain villages on the ridges. The finish line is in the small town of Nongkiaw along the Nam Ou River where our wooden bungalows for the overnight are waiting for us.

DAY 3: Nongkiaw Motorbike Tours to Muang Khoua – Off-road 90% – approx. 100 kms (B,L, D)

Topic: Great Off-road around thousand mountains valley, single track, Hmong area experience riding,Night: Man Jai Guest house. Local clean Guest-house

Description:  After few explanation of the day during the breakfast, we will visit another hilltribe living isolated in Laos, the ThaiLu. This tribe lives only by their manufacture, costumes and clothes are handmade, vegetable and flowers garden decorating all borders around the village. Each traditional house is built with a large structure with wooden beams which is a sign of strength for the villages.,,Northern Laos Motorcycle Tours to Luang Namtha, Muangsing, Pakbeng & Sayabury,,From this village we have a short distance day, such as 100 kms only but certainly the most physical of the stay. We go up to 1400 meter altitude by small paths and trails traverse this fantastic chain of unknown mountains, not in any maps of Laos. The pic-nic lunch will be,somewhere in the middle of these sceneries. The evening will be quiet in the small village of Muang Khoua located within 100 kms of Vietnam.

DAY 4: Muang Khoua Motorbike Tours to Luang Namtha – Off-road 80% – approx. 210 kms (B,L,D)

Topic1: Akha trail riding following the Chinese border

Topic2: Massage at destination,,Night: Zuela Guest house. Cozy red bricks guest-house

Description: This safari motorcycling day was tailored by our team in 2011 for the first time.,Mixing regular road and going to though off-road with rest stops in mind, but there is very little “down time” during this extreme adventure  day tour overall. One of our favorite day, you will be completely lost into the Akha hilltribe world. An unforgettable riding day rarely obtained by any typical motorcycle traveler for his riding experience in enduro in Asia .

DAY 5: Luang Namtha Motorbike Tours to Muang Sing –Off-road 0% – approx. 100 kms (easy ride day) (B,L,D)

Topic: Lao-Chinese town at the Chinese border to reach by a fantastic road ride.,Topic2: Boten visits at Chinese border (old casino area at the border),Night: Simple Guest-house at Muang Sin

Description: A taste of China! After a morning market visit, we will hit the road to Boten for a short visit of this strange old casinos town build up in such a short time by Chinese people where now live only few families.,,After that we will heads up to Muang Sing by a nice curvy road surrounded by mountains following the Chinese border. We will stop to the waterfalls located at the national park, then take a ride around remote areas of top north Laos. Cool and relaxing local wooden bungalows overnight.

DAY 6: Muang Sing Motorbike Tours to Vieng Phuka – Off-road 70% – approx.160 kms (B,L,D)

Topic: Hmong trail to remote forest ride. Unforgettable ride,Night: Local Guest-house, not much choice up there

Description: This day will be heading to the Myanmar border, almost to the Golden Triangle limits. After a few hours ride on proper road, we w ill start to turn from Myanmar border forest thru East North of Laos’s jungle. Traverse high mountain jungle passes used as trading routes by local villagers. Approximately time ride is 7-8 hours riding, you will never forget it!

DAY 7: Vieng Phuka Motorbike Tours to Nale – Off-road 80% – approx.110 kms (B,L,D)

Topic: Charming local Fisherman village, enjoy discover Nale village, Bat cave visits on the top of ridges,Night: Local Guest-house, not much choice up there

Description: This day will be a relaxing day ride. Some four hours of motorcycles before reaching Nale, a small fishing village where we will stay overnight. After a lunch along the river tasting the fishes of the day we will visit the bat caves. For anyone want to take a bath at the spring, don’t forget to bring your swimming wear. Do not expect a great hotel, we will,sleep at a local Lao guest house in the village.

DAY 8: Nale Motorbike Tours to Pakbeng – Off-road 50% – approx.140 kms (B,L,D)

Topic: Stone Age ride, costumed hill tribes. Nice ride from mountains to Mekong River,Night: Simple Guest-House in town. Sunset on the Mekong Riverside!

Description: We day ride make us pride to show you Laos from its most awesome side. Not only the interesting flora and fauna, this 6 hour motorbiking day ride with us will take you to breathtaking landscapes but also the Lao people the diversity of ethnic groups. The accommodation will be one of the most comfortable of this tour; you will definitely enjoy a Lao beer at the sunset on the balcony of the hotel.

DAY 9: Pakbeng Motorbike Tours to Hongsa – Off-road 90% – approx.220 kms on On-road (B,L,D)

Topic: Mekong River crossing by Motorbike,Night: Local & clean Guest-house

Description: This ninth day on a motorbike will simply make your visit to Laos one of your “best ever” travel experiences. During this day you will cross the Mekong River from Pakbeng on a local ferry boat, will take home amazing memories. At the mid-way we will start a sandy off-road for 30 kms downhill to the Mekong River then up again to the town of Hongsa where a fantastic morning market happens every morning.

DAY 10: Hongsa Motorbike Tours to Sayabury – Off-road 80% – approx.130 kms (B,L,D)

Topic: Almost 90% Off-road for this “lost in nowhere” day – Fanatic of Off-road will not forget this day!,Night: Simple hotel in town

Description: Another highlight of this tour is the longest off-road of the trip, no foreigner goes in this remote trail following the Thai border, visit of some hill tribes villages on the way, but without to waste much as the trail is long,.. In the end of afternoon you take a ride around the town of Sayabury, the laid back countryside of Laos, and probably stop at the traditional massage. You will truly experience the wild country side of Laos during this day.

DAY 11: Sayabury Motorbike Tours to Vang Vieng – Thousand mountains ride – Off-road  20% – 150 kms (B,L,D)

Night: Elephant conservation center overnight in wooden bungalow

Description: This unique motorbike adventure through Laos is also suitable with caves, blue lagoon river at the typical town of Vang Vieng . After a cool riding day mostly on good road we will visit the area surrounding Vang Vieng Island.

DAY 12: Vang Vieng Motorbike Tours to Luang Prabang – Off-road 0% – approx. 200 kms (B,L)

Topic: One of the most beautiful parts of the Road. 13 in Laos

Description: This morning we can start after some time relaxing on this amazing landscape just outside of our hotel. Take the time for a walk at the local early morning market before we head out back into the mountain of the road 13 of Laos. A farewell motorbike ride in Laos will lead you within 5-7 hrs. to the World Heritage Town of Luang Prabang. Stop at the Kuang si waterfalls on the way back for a well deserved bath.,A Tuk-Tuk will send you back to your hotel

Our tour price based on group size so please contact us for our promotion

The price includes:

  • English Speaking guide
  • Accommodation in tour – 11 nights
  • Transportation: Bikes 250cc and helmet
  • Gas for all bikes, Boat and local ferry in tour
  • Meals as indicated (B= Breakfast, L= Lunch, D=Dinner)
  • Government Taxes, Travel Permits
  • Drinking water for riding day
  • Entrance fees

The price excludes:

  • Accommodation in Luang Prabang
  • Support transportation for luggage
  • Visa, soft drinks, tips for guide and driver
  • Meals not mentioned in the proposal
  • Any other services not mentioned in the proposal
  • Banking fees
  • Travel insurance

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