Vietnam Loop Motorbike Tour To Laos – 18 Days

Vietnam Loop Motorbike Tour To Laos – 18 Days . Tour starting from Hanoi via Mai Chau, Pu Luong to Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Viengxai, Phonesavanh, Kronglor till Hoi An, Hue, Phong Nha, Khe Sanh brings you a sensational motorcycle journey to experience the stunning natural landscapes of Northern Vietnam then the Central and Northern of Laos with a lots unique features in terms of culture, traditions, lifestyles of Laotians before going back Vietnam via Cau Treo border gate to keep on exploring Central of Vietnam with some World Wonders along the way .

Day 1: Hanoi Motorbike Tour to Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) (  175 km –  L , D )

7:30 Pick you up from your hotel in Hanoi to our bike shop for bike checking and tour start our motorbike tour by leaving Hanoi on dyke roads to avoid the heavy traffic around 8:30 am, we ride our motorbikes west to Mai Chau, an area of beautiful landscape and home to the Thai ethnic minority. We will motorcycle on Highway 6 passing extensive farming lands comprising a sea of paddy fields split by tree-lined roads punctuated by limestone karst scenery.After a light lunch in Hoa Binh Province, we cross Thung Khe, one of the most beautiful mountain passes in North Vietnam then descend to the mountainous valley settlement of Mai Chau which is the home to ethnic Thai’s people with peaceful houses and villages. The people here are mostly living on the rice cultivation and farming & settling on the traditional houses built on the stilts. After dinner we join performance, where you can dance and share a range of special liquors (rice wine) with the locals. Overnight in a house-on-stilts of the Thai people.


Day 2: Mai Chau Motorcycle Tour to Pu Luong Nature Reserve – Quan Son  ( 160km – B , L , D )

After breakfast, we’ll leave Mai Chau to Pu Luong nature reserve (70 Km from Mai Chau) which is situated in Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc districts of Thanh Hoa Province, North Central Coast region of Vietnam. Pu Luong Nature Reserve is bordered by Mai Chau, Tan Lac and Lac Son districts of Hoa Binh Province. The reserve is located along two parallel mountain ridges, that run from north-west to south-east, and are divided by a central valley, which contains several human settlements and a large agricultural land area.,We have lunch in Pu Luong then keep heading to Quan Son Town near Na Meo border gate to stay overnight.

Day 3: Quan Son – Crossing border Na Meo to Viengsay in Laos ( B  ,L , D )

In this morning, our Vietnamese tour guide will help you complete the immigration procedures with the Customs at the border gate to migrate into Laos. After reaching Laos territory, there will another Laos guide welcoming & guiding to ride to visit Vieng Xai. The rest of time, we’ll be riding around Viengsay to discover peaceful charms of this small mountainous town of Laos.,Dinner and Overnight at local guesthouse in Viengsay.,

Day 4: Viengsay Motorbike Tour via Sanneu – Tam Piu cave – Hot spring to MuangKham 218km Paved road (B , L , D)

After breakfast, heading to Muangkham. Stop to visit Tham Piu Cave. This cave stands as a solemn monument to hundreds of innocent villager killed in a 1968 us missile attack. Today, the statue of a man, straining to hold his anger as the carries a lifeless child, call for an “annual Day of Remembrance”. First, go to the visitor centre and contemplate the display of photographs and history behind the bombings. You’ll read about the single shell that his the core of Piu Cave and claimed the lives of a reported 374 locals seeking shelter inside. Then, climb the upper staircase, which passes a golden Buddha, grave markers, and bomb craters, until your reach Tham Piu, a sad hillside hole with the rubble floor. Inside, locals light incense to play tribute to the dead. Back outside and visit a Hot spring before back to Muang Kham town to check in a local guesthouse. (simple comfort) .

Day 5: Muangkham to Phonesavanh – UXO office – plains of Jars site – 171km paved road (B ,L ,D)

After breakfast, we make our way over the mountains to Xieng Khouang, the province which is best-known for having been heavily bombed during Indochina War. But of course it is also famous for its historic Plain of Jars. We can make some stops at villages to observe the rural life of local people, including ethnic minorities such as the Hmong people. The Plain of Jars is a huge archaeological complex littered with mysterious 2000 years old stone jars sized from 70cm up to 3 or 4 meters. Their true origin remains a mystery. It seems that they were carved into boulders. Several researches lead by the French archaeologist Madeleine Colani in the 30’s suggested that they could be old graves, but to this day they remain an enigma. Your trip will enable you to visit the 3 sites and also discover some local villages where you can observe local village life. Site 1, close to the town is settled at Thong Hai Hin and is the biggest site. Site 2 is at Hai Hin on Phou Salator, “Phou” in Lao means “Mountain”.,End your tour at site 3 in Hai Hin Lat Khai. Site 3 is the most impressive with over 150 jars. Close to this site, you will visit Ban Xiengdi where there is a small monastery with Buddha images. On the way back, you will pass areas that were important battlefields during the American secret war. You can still see bomb craters from that time today., ,In the afternoon, enjoy a half day trip to Muang Khoun. Muang Khoun one place in the old provincial capital that was not been destroyed by the American bombings during the secret war. Muang Khoun is home to unique sitting giant Buddha as well of some old pagodas that lies in ruins.,Then return to Xieng Khouang and check into your hotel. Vansana Hotel – STD room

Day 6 : : Phonesavanh Motorbike Tour via Phoukhun to Luang Prabang 265km Paved road (B ,L ,D)

After breakfast, we have time today to explore the site and some nearby villages, populated by the Hmong hill tribe and Tai Dam people; they are very poor but possess a vibrant local culture and an interesting history. We leave Xieng Khouang for our scenic drive to Luang Prabang. Arrival and check into your hotel Villa Chitdara – STD room

Day 7 : Luang Prabang –Riding To Waterfalls and Afternoon Free (B/L  )

After breakfast, This morning we will riding to visit waterfalls , Arrival is time for swimming and local lunch before back to Luang Prabang for all afternoon free time for walking around to discover this charming town with your own way. Dinner on your own. Overnight at hotel in Luang Prabang Villa Chitdara – STD room,

Day 8 : Luang Prabang Motorbike Tour to Vang Vieng 200km Paved road (B, L , D)

After breakfast, we leave Luang Prabang for our scenic drive to Vang Vieng with an opportunity to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the road. You can see the mountain contrasted with the plains and rice fields.,Arrival and check into your hotel. Elephant Crossing hotel – DLX room,

Day 9 : Vang Vieng free in the morning – Vientiane 200km paved road (B , L , D)

After breakfast, free time in the morning for riding around to discover this town with your own way.,In the afternoon, we will depart to Vientiane. Stop on the way to visit Nam Ngum Lake. Arrival in Vientiane and visit Wat Sisaket with its thousands of miniature Buddha statues. Then, Wat Simuang and Wat Prakeo, which was the original home of the famous Emerald Buddha, which today lives in Bangkok. There are many excellent restaurants in Vientiane, and you will easily find something to suit your taste., ,The huge golden That Luang monument, where all Lao citizen respect as holy pagoda.,Vientiane’s own Victory Monument, which looks like the Arc de Triumph. This was built at the end of the Indochina wars with money rumored to be American, and earmarked for the airport’s new runway. This is the departing Americans dubbed this monument the vertical runway! Have a look at the lovely arches inside the monument.,Then check into your hotel – Beau Rivage Mekong – STD room.

Day 10 : Vientiane Motorbike Tour to Konglo – Ban kong lo homestay 231km (B ,L ,D)

After breakfast in hotel, start your journey to Konglor cave. Along the way, visit the Wat Prabath, which maintains an imprint of the Buddha’s foot and characterized by its Hindu-inspired stupa. A little further on, we stop in a village specialized in the sale of dried fish. After that, continue to Konglor cave and then you will leave the main road to enter the Phou Hin Poun NPA (National Protected Park).,Arrival at Ban Konglo village where you will overnight in a local residence.,

Note: Simple comfort with toilet outside the house. Hot water is not available.

Day 11 :  Kong cave visit – Motorbike Tour To Laksao border to Vinh City 250km(B , L , D )

After breakfast in hotel, start your journey to Konglor cave. You will be provided with life jackets and headlamps before a short walk around the main entrance of the cave. Once inside, you will board a long boat that will sail you along this spectacular cave on an underground part of the HinBoun River – a 7.5km journey before you see the daylight again! The river is active throughout the year and reveals a large formation of stalactites and stalagmites which you can explore partly on foot inside the cave. The place of the cave extends almost 90m and reaches a height of 100m. After this sightseeing, driving to Laksao Border. You finish all visa formalities and cross the border to Vietnam. Our tour guide with bikes will be waiting for you right after you immigrate into Vietnam again then we’ll keep riding straight to Vinh city for an overnight. Overnight at hotel in Vinh City

Day 12 : Vinh City Motorcycle Tour To Huong Khe (Ha Tinh) ( B , L , D )

After paying respects to visit Uncle Ho house , we head to the HCM Highway via Thanh Chuong District. You cross the Lam River on the Ro Bridge and then drive primarily on the beautiful new highway of Ho Chi Minh. Lunch break in Pho Chau Town, a tiny town about 40km from Thanh Chuong.This morning we head inland towards the Laos border after 40min riding we can reach the birthplace of Ho Chi Minh in Kim Lien Village. The place is truly a shrine to the Vietnamese and visited by few westerners .After lunch, we continue on the quiet highway to Dong Loc Intersection, (main junction for supply lines during the war) which is widely regarded in Vietnamese eyes as the beginning of Ho Chi Minh Trail. We then pass through remote back country as the scenery steadily becomes dominated by karst limestone rock formations. We will reach our overnight spot, Huong Khe Town, around 5pm. Check in hotel .

Day 13 : Huong Khe motorbike tour to Phong Nha (Quang Binh) ( B , L , D )

Ride again on Ho Chi Minh trails until where we stop to visit the HCM Trail victory monument which is in fact the real starting point of our HCM Trail ride. Motorcycle all the way to Phong Nha – Ke Bang, the biggest and also the most beautiful cave in Vietnam and Indochina and is now a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. The karst formation of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park has evolved since the Paleozoic (some 400 million years ago) and so is the oldest major karst area in Asia. Subject to massive tectonic changes, the park’s karst landscape is extremely complex with many geographic features of considerable significance. The vast area, extending to the border of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, contains spectacular formations including 65 km of caves and underground rivers.

Day 14 : Phong Nha motorbike tour to Khe Sanh in Quang Tri (Roughly 250 Km – 7 hours of riding) ( B , L , D )

Boating and exploring World Heritage site of Phong Nha where local civilians and military sheltered from incessant bombing during wartime. Continuing riding to the west Ho Chi Minh Trails we will climb into the Truong Son foothills, pass the Rock Pile and stop at some villages and beautiful natural springs and waterfalls near the highway ,Then after having lunch, we will keep riding on Ho Chi Minh Trail and have short stop at Truong Son cemetary to pay respects to the soldiers who fought and died on the trail during the American War. Approx 5pm we arrive in Khe Sanh which was established as a forward base by General Westmoreland near Laos to secure highway 9. Check in to hotel, free time at night.

Day 15 : Quang Tri Motorcycle Tour to DMZ & Vinh Moc Tunnels – Hue (200 Km – 6 hours of riding) ( B , L )

In this morning, we ride downhill and  riding along highway 1 to Quang Tri town, visiting Long Hung Church and Quang Tri Old Citadel which was a battlefield in 1972 between North and South Vietnam for 81 days and nights. We ride along the coast from Cua Viet Beach to Cua Tung Beach a long stretch of beautiful and peaceful coastline. Next we visit the Vinh Moc tunnels and explore the Demilitarised Zone, stopping for lunch at the Doc Mieu Firebase. Later on, we will ride directly to Hue and en route, our guide will stop by to show you more war relics before reaching Hue . Upon arrival in Hue, if time permits, we will take a ride to visit Imperial Citadel and one of Royal Tombs then enjoy sunset on the bank of Perfume River. Check in to hotel, free time at night . Dinner tonight by your own discovery .

Day 16 : Hue Motorcycle Tour for Morning Sightseeing ( B )

Today, we’ll have an easy motorbike trip to weave around the city to visit some more royal tombs as well as other important travel sites & relics in Hue. Thanh Toan bridge , Thien Mu pagodas , Minh Mang royal tomb .and then riding back to your hotel . In the afternoon, you’ll be free on your own to relax or go shopping. Overnight at hotel in Hue .

Day 17 : Hue Motorbike Tours via Da Nang to Hoi An (170 Km – 5 hours of riding) ( B , L , D )

Today is last day riding with motorbike . In this morning, we will keep on riding along the coastallines to Phuoc Tuong pass and to Lang Co beach for lunch and after lunch riding to Hai Van Pass, where we could look down from the top to view the splendid beauties of Lang Co beach and ocean then time to refresh yourself by a cup of coffee before heading straight to Da Nang. Upon arrival in Da Nang, you will park your bikes somewhere nearby the Railway Station then our guide will take a taxi to get you to the hotel in Hoi An for a check-in . Overnight at hotel in Hoi An. Farewell dinner with your group and support team .

Day 18 : Hoi AN – Free day – Departure ( B )

After breakfast , Today free day and your own departure for flight back to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city or you can stay longer in Hoi An by your own account . End The Tour .

Departure dates : Based on your inquiry

Group size : 2 to 12 riders

Our tour price based on group size so please contact us for offering

The price includes:

  • English Speaking guide
  • Accommodation in tour – 17 nights
  • Transportation: Bikes and helmet
  • Meals as indicated (B= Breakfast, L= Lunch, D=Dinner)
  • Government Taxes, Travel Permits
  • Drinking water for riding day
  • Entrance fees

The price excludes:

  • Accommodation in Hanoi and Hoi An after day 18 .
  • Visa, soft drinks, tips for guide and driver
  • Meals not mentioned in the proposal
  • Any other services not mentioned in the proposal
  • Banking fees , Travel insurance

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